Top 10 Amsterdam | Things to do like citizens do . down to earth, open & friendly | Winter 2017

Wintertime in Amsterdam | Light Festival, Christmas, New Year, Silent Walk | 10 tips from real Amsterdammers. | In development

View on Amsterdam Amstel River with Carré Theatre and Skinny Bridge, Autumn Trees

Amsterdam in Winter

For the next weeks, streets, parks and canals will may be covered with snow and ice. Amsterdammers go crazy with happiness when the canals are frozen, about once in 10 years. More common, it's windy, rainy and windy, or rainy. Temepratures approximately between 5 -  10° C. When the sun shines, everything is crisp and bright. You see in real what you've seen on paintings from the famous Dutch Masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer.

 A cup of hot chocol­ate (chocolademelk) between our hands to warm our hearts.

A pot of cheesefondue on the table. 

What's on our top 10 list of tips to do in Amsterdam in winter time?

1. Slow-Stroll the Amstel

Slow-Stroll along Amstel River, East-side, from Opera to Café Hesp. That's what we call 'wandelen' or, when dressed up a bit, 'flaneren'.Besides the great atmosphere the wide waterfront brings, there's lot to discover on the buildings-side.

Don't wonder when other wandelaars look at you - that is the normal attitude, there's nothing wrong with you.  Curiousity and simple friendlyness are key characteristics of Amsterdammers, born here or import.

Don't be surprised when you land in a café with an Amsterdammer. Just for enjoyment and an exchange of thoughts, experiences.

2. Jog the Park

Amstel Park has been developed in the 80s for an international gardening show and serves the public since than. It's UNfamous, and full of locals,

3. See a Movie

Movies in Amsterdam are showed in the original language with Dutch subtitles.

In november/december The International Documentary Film Festival IDFA brings the best from over the world to Amsterdam Rembrandtplein cinemas

4. Cup of Tea

The Dutch drink tea in the afternoon, around 16:00 o'clock at their homes. In café's however there's no tea culture like in ENgland. To order a pot of tea will in many cases result in a cup of tea at your table. High tea is slowly trending. From Austria ski huts the 'little extra' has been adapted by some. Pick a café with a nice view and relax.

5. To the Beach

Where for most tourist the beach is equal to sun and warmth, for the Dutch the beach also is a great place to walk during wintertime. Go and see for yourself the happy and friendly atmosphere. A great work-out without noticing.

6. Dwell Lapjesmarket

Every Monday Morning along Westerstraat in Jordaan district.

When interested in design and having some extra time: Moooi Design Studio of Marcel Wanders

7. Museum

Off-season is the best time to visit the famous museums in Amsterdam. Not too many tourists, no rain.

8. Andaz

Extraordinary designed hotel and restaurant on Prinsengracht. Must see.

9. Dining Kaasfondue at Nieuwmarkt

10. Read a Book in OBA

Read a book or magazine in the fabulous Openbare Bibliotheek, Public Library, funded by the City of Amsterdam and all it's tax-paying inhabitants.

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